3D printing software supports larger parts

Velo3D Flow 3.0 wheel design shown in the XC build chamber.
Photo credit: Velo3D

Velo3D Inc., an additive manufacturing (AM) technology company, has released its latest version of Flow print preparation software. Flow 3.0 supports larger part models that can be made on the company’s Sapphire XC (Extra Capacity) printer, which can produce parts up to 400% larger than the Sapphire printer. Flow 3.0 also supports the programming of additional lasers to maximize the efficiency of the Sapphire XC’s eight 1000W lasers and increase productivity.

Velo3D’s Flow 3.0 print preparation software is designed to allow engineers to upload a traditional CAD file of a part they wish to print, rather than having to spend additional resources designing it for additive manufacturing (DFAM).

The company says this software is designed to allow customers to freely design critical parts and print them accurately. It uses a generalized set of recipes to accurately prescribe and simulate the layer-by-layer construction of the desired part. The software compositor detects the geometric features and applies the corresponding process to achieve the desired result. Flow 3.0 uses information from previous layers to inform printing strategy for subsequent layers, which the company says results in better parts and more design freedom.

The print preparation software is said to reliably generate and operate model meshes containing up to hundreds of millions of triangles. This functionality is made possible by offloading the computation of larger files to Amazon Web Services. The customer sends a CAD file and receives back a compressed file that can be used on any printer to build the part.

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Kayla A. Murphy